What is Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic tile is made up of sand, natural products, and clays and once it has been moulded into shape they are then fired in a kiln.

What is Porcelain Tile?

Are made up of a sand like material. These tiles are then formed with pressure and heat. It becomes more dense and absorbs less water than ceramic tiles.

Did you know that you can expect to find shade variation in porcelain and ceramic tile? Shade variation has to do with the appearance of the porcelain or ceramic tile you are considering. This happens because the tile production process takes natural clay elements, bakes them at very high heat and, depending on the materials and conditions, may generate slight changes from batch to batch (not too different from the variation you might notice between two cookie batches), as well as from dye lot to dye lot (from a cookie perspective, think about the differences based on new dough made on another day…)

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